International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

10 Rules of the Game 2022 glossary Delayed penalty shot When a penalty shot is awarded but play continues since the non-offending team still controls the ball and the goal situation is still in progress. Extra time A method of trying to decide the outcome of a match by continuing playing until a team scores or the extra time ends. Face-off A fixed situation where two opposing players try to gain control of the ball which is placed between them. Face-off dot A marked spot on the floor where face-offs shall be performed. Also used for hit-ins and free-hits in some cases. There are six face-off dots in total. Field player A playing member of the team who is not a goalkeeper and plays with a stick. Fixed situation The way play is resumed after an interruption. Fixed situations are face-off, hit-in, free-hit and penalty shot. Free-hit A fixed situation where the non-offending team resume play after an offence has been committed. Goal crease The bigger of the two rectangular areas in front of the goal cage. Goalkeeper The player whose special role is to stop the ball from entering the goal. Goalkeeper area The smaller of the two rectangular areas in front of the coal cage. Goal line A marked line on the floor that the ball shall pass for a goal to be scored.