International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

12 Rules of the Game 2022 glossary Offence An action which breaks/violates the Rules of the Game. Offending team The team committing an offence. Official A neutral person who has responsibilities during the game, e.g., in the secretariat. Penalise To punish the player or member of the team staff who committed an offence. Penalty bench Where the penalised player is obliged to sit during the duration of the penalty. Penalty shot A fixed situation where the non-offending team is awarded a chance to score without opposition from any players from the offending team except the goalkeeper. Play An action by a player with the stick or body. Personal penalty A penalty that only affects the offending player and not the number of players on the rink. Reckless An act which disregards the consequences for the opponent. Considered worse than being careless, but milder than being violent. Referee A person who oversees the game and makes sure the Rules of the Game are followed. Rink The area limited by the board where the game takes place.