International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

Rules of the Game 2022 13 glossary Secretariat Neutral officials who assist the referees and are responsible for the match record, time keeping and speaker tasks. Stick An implement consisting of a shaft and a curved blade used to play the ball. The shaft is usually made of carbon fibre and the blade of plastic. Substitution Replacing a player on the rink with one from the substitution zone. Substitution zone The area where the players’ benches are placed and the area in which the substitution of players must take place. Team captain A title given to one player on each team. The team captain has special rights, but also obligations. Team staff Non-playing members of the team, such as coaches. Time out A time-limited interruption of the game when the teams can discuss tactics. Unintentional An act which is not done on purpose. Violent An act which uses excessive force and seriously endangers the opponent. Considered worse than being reckless, but milder than being brutal.