International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

Rules of the Game 2022 17 chapter 1 rink 105 Secretariat and penalty benches 1) A secretariat with penalty benches shall be placed opposite the substitution zones, by the centre line. The secretariat and the penalty benches shall be placed at an ap- propriate distance from the board. There shall be separate penalty benches for each team, placed on each side of the secretariat. The penalty benches shall have room for at least two persons each. The penalty bench zones with a length of 2 m and placed at least 1 m from the centre line shall be marked and visible on both sides of the board. Exemption for the placing of the secretariat and the penalty benches may be given by the administrating authority. If this is the case, there shall be left a minimum of 2 m space in between the penalty bench and the substitution benches. 106 Inspection of the rink 1) The referees shall, at an early stage before the match, inspect the rink and ensure that defects are corrected. All defects that can’t be corrected shall be reported. The organiser is responsible for correcting defects and for keeping the board in a proper condition during the match. All dangerous objects shall be removed or padded. 107 Ball 1) The ball shall be approved by the IFF and marked accordingly. The ball surface shall be single coloured in a non-fluorescent colour. Neither the inside colour of the ball can be fluorescent.