International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

20 Rules of the Game 2022 chapter 2 game time play shall not be interrupted until the ball is near the place in question. In case of injuries play shall be interrupted only on suspicion of a serious injury or if the injured player directly affects play. An administrating authority may grant an exemption to use non- effective time, in which case game time shall only be stopped in connection with a goal, a penalty, a penalty shot, a time out or at the referees’ triple signal at an unnatural interruption. The last 3 minutes of regular game time shall always be effective. Game time shall be stopped during a penalty shot. 202 Time out 1) During the match each team shall have the right to request one time out, which shall be carried out, and be marked by a triple signal, as soon as play is interrupted. A time out may be requested at any time, including in connection with goals and penalty shots, penalty shots after extra time exclu- ded, but only by the team captain or a member of the team staff. A time out requested during an interruption shall be carried out immediately, but if the referees consider that this negatively affects the situation for the opposing team, the time out shall be carried out at the next interruption. A requested time out shall always be carried out, except after a goal, when the team may withdraw the request or when the next interruption is the end of the period, which automatically cancels the time-out. This also applies to the possible changing of the ends in the middle of the period. A time out starts at the referees’ addi- tional signal when the teams are at their substitution zones and the referees at the secretariat. Another additional signal after 30 seconds marks the end of the time out. After a time out, play shall be resumed according to what caused the interruption. A penalised player is not allowed to participate in a time out. … continued