International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

Rules of the Game 2022 25 3 PARTICIPANTS 301 Players 1) Each team is allowed to use a maximum of 20 players. These shall be noted in the match record. Players may be field players or goalkeepers. No other players than those noted in the match record are allowed to participate in the match or be in their own substitution zone. 2) During play six players in each team, at the most, including only one goalkeeper or six field players only, may be on the rink simultaneously. For the referees to start a match, each team shall have at least five field players and a properly equipped goalkeeper, or the final score shall be 5-0 to the non-offending team. During play, each teammust be able to play with at least four players, or the match shall be stopped, and the final score shall be 5-0 to the non-offending team, or the achieved result if this is more ad- vantageous for the non-offending team. 302 Substitution of players 1) Substitution of players may take place at any time and an unlimited number of times during a match. All substitutions shall take place in the team’s own substitution zone. A player leaving the rink has to be on the way passing over the board before a substitute may enter the rink. An injured player leaving the rink outside their own substitution zone must not be replaced until play is interrupted. A bleeding player is not allowed to participate in the match until the bleeding is under control. chapter 3 participants