International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

26 Rules of the Game 2022 303 Particular regulations for goalkeepers 1) All goalkeepers shall be marked in the match record. The marking shall be made with a “G” in the margin. A player marked as goalkeeper is not allowed to participate as a field player, with a stick, during the same match. If a team due to injury or penalty has to re- place the goalkeeper with a field player, they have a maximum of 3 minutes to properly equip the substitute, but none of this time shall be used for warming up. The new goalkeeper shall be marked in the match record, and the time of the change shall be noted. 2) If a goalkeeper entirely leaves the goal crease during play, they shall, until returning, beconsidereda fieldplayer, yetwithout astick. This does not apply in connection with a throw-out. A goalkeeper is considered to have entirely left the goal crease when no part of their body touches the floor inside the goal crease. The goalkeeper is, however, allowed to jump within their own goal crease. The lines belong to the goal crease. 304 Particular regulations for teamcaptains 1) Each team shall have a team captain, who shall be marked in the match record. The marking shall be made with a “C” in the margin. Change of the team captain shall only take place in case of injury, illness or match penalty, and has to be noted with time in the match record. A re- placed team captain must not function again as team captain during the same match. 2) Only the team captain is entitled to speak to the referees and is also obliged to assist them. When the team captain speaks to the referees, this shall be done according to set conditions. A penalised team captain loses the right to speak to the referees, unless addressed by them, and, except when the team staff requests a time out, the team has no possibility to communicate with the referees. If considered neces- chapter 3 participants