International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

Rules of the Game 2022 27 sary by the referees, discussions shall be taken in the corridors and not in the rink and never inside the referees’ dressing room. 305 Teamstaff 1) Each team shall note, at the most, five members of the team staff in the match record. No other persons than those noted in the match record are allowed to be in their own substitution zone. With the exception of a time out, a member of the team staff shall not enter the rink without the re- ferees’ permission. All coaching shall take place from the team’s own substitution zone where the team staff shall be situated du- ring the match. Before the match, a member of the team staff should check the match record and ensure the team list is correct. After the start of the match no amendments shall be allowed except from possible corrections of incorrect numbering. Should a member of the team staff be recorded also as a player, they should always be considered a player in any uncertain situations regarding offences from their substitution zone. 306 Referees 1) A match shall be led and controlled by two equally authorised referees. The referees shall have the right to stop a match if there is an obvious risk that it can not be continued according to the rules. 307 Secretariat 1) A secretariat shall be in place. The secretariat shall be neutral and responsible for the match record, time keeping and possible speaker tasks. chapter 3 participants