International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

29 4 EQUIPMENT 401 The players’ clothing 1) All field players shall wear uniforms consisting of jerseys, shorts and socks. All field players in a team shall wear the exact same uniform. A team’s uniform may have any colour combination, but the jerseys must not be grey. If the referees consider that the teams can not be distinguished by their uniforms, the visiting team is obliged to change. The socks shall be mutually uniform and, if decided by the administrating authority, distinguishable between the teams. 2) All goalkeepers shall be dressed in jerseys and long trousers. 3) All jerseys shall be numbered. A team’s jerseys shall be numbered with different whole numbers in clearly visible Arabic figures on the back and on the chest. The back figures shall be at least 200 mm high and the chest figures at least 70 mm high. The jerseys may carry any number between 1 and 99 inclusive, but 1 is not allowed for field players. If an incorrectly numbered player participates in the match, the match record shall be corrected, and the offence shall be reported to the administrating authority. If a player is forced to change jersey during the match, the new number shall be noted in the match record. 4) All players shall wear shoes. The shoes shall be of an indoor sports model. Socks outside the shoes are not allowed. If a player loses one or both shoes during play, they may continue playing until the next interruption. Rules of the Game 2022 chapter 4 equipment