International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

30 Rules of the Game 2022 402 The referees’ clothing 1) The referees shall wear jerseys, black shorts and black knee socks. The referees shall wear the same colour combination on their uniform. 403 Particular goalkeeper’s equipment 1) The goalkeeper is not allowed to use a stick. 2) The goalkeeper shall wear a face mask, which is in accordance with the IFF Material Regulations and marked accordingly. This only includes on the rink during play. All tampering with the face mask, except painting, is prohibited. 3) The goalkeeper may use any kind of protective equipment, but this shall not include parts intended to cover the goal. Helmet and thin gloves are allowed. All forms of adhesives or friction checking substances are prohibited. No objects must be kept on or in the goal cage. The goalkeeper may not use any kind of protective equipment which covers more than the body of the goalkeeper, for example shoulder pads. 404 Particular teamcaptain’s equipment 1) The team captain shall wear an armband. The armband shall be worn on the upper arm and be clearly visible. Tape is not allowed as an armband. 405 Personal and protective equipment 1) A player shall notwear personal equipmentwhichmay cause injury. Personal equipment includes protective and medical equipment, protective goggles, watches, earrings, etc. The referees decide chapter 4 equipment