International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

Rules of the Game 2022 31 what shall be considered dangerous. All protective equipment shall, if possible, be worn underneath the clothing. Unless otherwise defined by National Association uniform regula- tions, visible parts of undershirts, undershorts, tights and compres- sion wear shall be of the same colour as the main colour of the match uniform shirt or the shorts. For leg wear black is also allowed. With the exception of elastic headbands without knots, no head- gear may be worn. All forms of long tights are prohibited for field players. Exceptions shall be allowed only by the administrating autho- rity upon written request. 2) If a player is wearing protective goggles, these shall be in accordance with the IFF Material Regulations and marked accordingly. All tampering with the goggles is prohibited. If a player loses the goggles during play, they may continue playing until the next inter- ruption. 406 Stick 1) The stick shall be approved by the IFF and marked accordingly. All tampering with the shaft, except shortening, is prohibited. The shaft may be strapped above the grip mark, but no official marks may be covered. 2) The blade shall not be sharp, and its hook shall not exceed 30mm. All tampering with the blade, except bending, is prohibited. The hook shall be measured as the distance between the highest point of the blade’s inner side and an even surface on which the stick is lying. Changing the blade is allowed if the blade is approved with the shaft and being of the same brand, but the new blade shall not beweakened. Taping the joint between the blade and the shaft is allowed, but no more than 10 mm of the visible part of the blade shall be covered. chapter 4 equipment