International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

32 Rules of the Game 2022 407 The referees’ equipment 1) The referees shall be equipped with plastic medium sized whistles, measuring equipment and red cards. Exemption for other types of whistles may be given by the admini- strating authority. 408 The secretariat’s equipment 1) The secretariat shall have all the equipment necessary for their responsibilities. 409 Control of equipment 1) The referees shall decide about controlling and measuring all equipment. Inspection shall take place before and during the match. Incorrect equipment, including defective sticks, measuring the stick’s hook excluded, discovered before or during the match shall be corrected by the player concerned, who after this may start/continue the match. Offences concerning players’ uniforms shall not lead to more than one penalty per teamper per match, however, all incorrect equipment shall be reported. No other players than the team captains and the player with the equipment being controlled may be at the secretariat during the control of equipment. After control of equipment, play shall be resumed according to what caused the interruption. 2) Measuring of a hook, control of approval mark on a stick or face mask grill and control of a shaft/blade combination may be requested by the team captain. The team captain also has the right to point out to the referees other incorrectness in the opponents’ equipment, but in this case the referees decide whether or not to take action. Measuring and control of shaft/blade combination and control of approval mark chapter 4 equipment