International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

Rules of the Game 2022 33 on a stick or face mask grill may be requested at any time but shall not be carried out until play is interrupted. If control is requested during an interruption, it shall be carried out immediately, including in connection with goals and penalty shots, unless, in the referees’ opinion, it negatively affects the situation for the opposing team. In this case the control shall be carried out at the next interruption. The referees are obliged to check a hook or shaft/blade and control of approval mark on a stick or face mask grill at the team captain’s request, but only one control per team per interruption shall be allowed. No other players than the team captains and the player with the equipment being controlled may be at the secretariat during the control of equipment. After control of equipment, play shall be resumed according to what caused the interruption. chapter 4 equipment