International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

Rules of the Game 2022 35 chapter 5 fixed situations 5 FIXED SITUATIONS 501 General regulations for fixed situations 1) When play has been interrupted, it shall be resumed with a fixed situation, according to what caused the interruption. Fixed situations are face-offs, hit-ins, free-hits and penalty shots. 2) The referees shall use one signal, show prescribed signs and mark the place for the fixed situation. The ball may be played after the signal if it is not moving and is in the right position. The referees shall first show the consequence sign and then a possible offence sign. The offence sign shall only be used if con- sidered necessary, however always in connection with penalties and penalty shots. If, in the referees’ opinion, play is not affected, the ball does not have to be entirely still or in exactly the right place at a hit-in or a free-hit. 3) A fixed situation shall not be unreasonably delayed. The referees decide what shall be considered unreasonable delay. If a fixed situation is delayed, the referees shall if possible, notify the player before any action is taken. 502 Face-off (802) 1) At the start of a new period and to confirm a correctly scored goal, a face-off shall be taken at the centre spot. A goal scored during extra time, or from a penalty shot deciding the match, or after the end of a period, shall not be confirmed with a face-off. When a face-off is taken at the centre spot, each team shall be on their own side of the centre line. 2) When play is interrupted and neither team can be awarded a hit-in, a free-hit or a penalty shot, play shall be resumed with a face-off.