International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

36 Rules of the Game 2022 3) A face-off shall be taken at the nearest face-off dot, according to where the ball was at the interruption. 4) All players, except those taking the face-off, shall immediately, without summons from the referees, take a position at least 3m from the ball, sticks included. Before a face-off, it is the referees’ responsibility to check that the teams are ready and that all players have taken position. 5) The ball shall be played with the stick and shall be taken by one field player from each team. The players shall be facing the op- posing team’s short side and must not have physical contact before the face-off. The feet shall be placed perpendicular to the centre line. Each player shall have both feet at the same distance from the centre line. The sticks shall be held with a normal grip and with both hands above the grip mark. The blades shall be placed perpendicular to the centre line on either side of the ball, but without touching it. Normal grip implies the way the player holds the stick during play. The defending team’s player chooses on which side of the ball to place the stick. If the face-off is on the centre line, the visiting team’s player chooses. The ball shall be at the centre of the blades. In case of a dispute in connection with a substitution before a face-off is taken, the away team is obliged to carry out their sub- stitution first. 6) A face-off may go directly into the goal. 503 Events leading to a face-off 1) When the ball is damaged unintentionally. 2) When the ball is not correctly playable. The referees shall, before interrupting play, give the players a reasonable opportunity to play the ball. 3) When parts of the board have been separated and the ball comes near the place in question. chapter 5 fixed situations