International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

Rules of the Game 2022 37 4) When the goal cage is moved unintentionally and cannot be put back within a reasonable time. It is the goalkeeper’s responsibility to put the goal cage back as soon as this is considered possible. 5) When a serious injury occurs, or an injured player directly affects play. The referees decide what shall be considered a serious injury, but as soon as this is suspected, play shall be interrupted immediately. 6) When an unnatural situation occurs during play. The referees decide what shall be considered an unnatural situa- tion, but this always includes, amongst others, unauthorised per- sons or objects on the rink, the lights going out either completely or partly, and the final signal being sounded by mistake, when a broken stick causes a dangerous situation or directly affects the play, or when a referee is hit by the ball and this has a significant effect on the play. 7) When a goal is disallowed despite the fact that no offence leading to a free-hit has been committed. This includes when the ball goes into the goal without passing the goal line from the front. 8) When a penalty shot does not result in a goal. This includes when a penalty shot is incorrectly performed. 9) When the referees are unable to decide the direction of a hit-in or a free-hit. This includes when players from both teams commit offences simultaneously. 10) When the referees consider their decision to be incorrect. 11) When the non-offending team during a delayed penalty, in the referees’ opinion, is trying to waste time. The team should, if possible, be made aware of this before any actions are taken. chapter 5 fixed situations