International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

38 Rules of the Game 2022 504 Hit-in (803) 1) When the ball leaves the rink a hit-in shall be awarded to the non-offending team. The offending team is considered to be the team whose player, or player’s equipment, last touched the ball before it left the rink. This also includes when a player, to remove the ball from the goal cage, hits the net without touching the ball. 2) A hit-in shall be taken fromwhere the ball leaves the rink, 1.5 m from the board, but never behind the imaginary extensions of the goal lines. If, in the referees’ opinion, play is not affected, the ball does not have to be entirely still or in exactly the right place. If a team gets an advantage from taking a hit-in closer to the board than 1,5 m, this shall be allowed. A hit-in behind the imaginary extension of the goal line shall be taken from the nearest face-off dot. When the ball touches the ceiling or objects above the rink, the hit-in shall be taken 1.5 m from the board at the same distance from the centre line. 3) The opponents shall immediately, without summons from the referees, take a position at least 3mfromthe ball, sticks included. The player taking the hit-in does not have to wait for the opponents to take position, but if the ball is played while the opponents are trying to take position in a correct way, no action shall be taken. 4) The ball shall be played with the stick. It shall be hit, not dragged, flicked or lifted on the stick. 5) The player taking the hit-in shall not touch the ball again before it has touched another player or another player’s equipment. 6) A hit-in may go directly into the goal. chapter 5 fixed situations