International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

4 Rules of the Game 2022 preface PREFACE This 2022 edition of the game rules was sent as text to the Associations in September 2021 and published in February 2022. Even though we now consider that another milestone has been reached in our work with the rules of floorball, we are well aware that there might be some deficiencies and loop-holes which will have to be adapted before we have the ‘perfect’ set of rules. Everyone involved in the game is encouraged to read the rules fully and carefully. It is important that the game is enjoyable, safe, played fairly, and is easily understood by players, coaches, referees, spectators and the media alike. We will be very grateful for any suggestions, ideas or constructive criticism, which will help our continuing work. It must be appreciated that the rules will have to change constantly in line with the rapid developments in playing style. The rules are equally valid for both men’s and women’s floorball at all levels of competition. As written in the rules all equipment shall be “marked accordingly”. The marking of boards, goal cages, sticks and balls are quite easily understood since the IFF logo is included in the approval mark as well as the grills to the face masks that has an IFF plate on the left side. When it concerns personal protection equipment such as helmets (the face mask) and protective goggles these are CE-marked and not necessarily marked with the IFF logo. However, IFF recommends those that are approved for use in Floorball, shown by CE-marking and the text ‘Recommended by IFF’. The IFF advise the National Associations to move to mandatory use of protective goggles for players under 17 years old during the validity period of these Game Rules and at the same time recommend the use for players under 19 years old.