International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

40 Rules of the Game 2022 prevents or obstructs this, a free-hit shall be awarded to the defen- ding team. The attacking team is not obliged to wait for the defen- ding team to form the defence line and has the right to place their players in front of the defence line. 3) The opponents shall immediately, without summons from the referees, take a position at least 3mfromthe ball, sticks included. The player taking the free-hit does not have to wait for the oppo- nents to take position, but if the ball is played while the opponents are trying to take position in a correct way, no action shall be taken. 4) The ball shall be played with the stick. It shall be hit, not dragged, flicked or lifted on the stick. 5) The player taking the free-hit shall not touch the ball again be- fore it has touched another player or another player’s equipment. 6) A free-hit may go directly into the goal. 507 Offences leading to a free-hit 1) When a player hits, blocks, lifts, kicks an opponent’s stick or hits the opponent’s body with the possibility of reaching the ball. (901, 902, 903, 912) If the referees consider the player to have played the ball in an otherwise correct way before hitting the opponent’s stick or the opponent’s body, no action shall be taken. 2) When a player holds an opponent or opponent’s stick. (910) 3) When a field player raises the blade of the stick above waist level in the back swing before hitting the ball, or in the forward swing after hitting the ball. (904) This includes mock shots. A high swing is allowed if no other players are in the vicinity, and there is no risk of being hit. Waist level is considered the level of the waist when standing upright. chapter 5 fixed situations …continued