International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

Rules of the Game 2022 43 14) When a goalkeeper throws or kicks the ball over the centre line. (917) This shall be considered an offence only if the ball does not touch the floor, the board, another player or another player’s equipment before it passes the centre line. The entire ball has to pass the centre line. 15) When a face-off, hit-in or a free-hit is incorrectly performed or intentionally delayed. (918) This includes when the non-offending team takes the ball away when the play is interrupted, the ball is dragged, flicked, or lifted on the stick and when any player delays a face-off. If a hit-in or a free-hit is taken from the wrong place or when the ball is not entirely still, it may be taken again. If, in the referees’ opinion, play is not affected, the ball does not have to be entirely still or in exactly the right place. 16) When a goalkeeper has the ball under control for more than 3 seconds. (924) If the goalkeeper puts the ball down and picks it up again this shall be considered controlling the ball all the time. 17) When a goalkeeper receives a pass, or takes the ball, from a field player in the same team. (924) This shall be considered an offence only if the ball, in the referees’ opinion, is played intentionally. Receiving implies that the goal- keeper touches the ball with either the hands or arms, also even after the goalkeeper has possibly touched or stopped the ball with any other part of the body. A goalkeeper may receive a pass from a player in the same team if the goalkeeper is completely outside the goal crease when receiving the pass and is thereby considered a field player. If the goalkeeper leaves the goal crease entirely, stops the ball, returns to the goal crease and picks the ball up this shall not be considered a pass to the goalkeeper. A pass to the goalkeeper is not considered a goal situation and can not result in a penalty shot. chapter 5 fixed situations