International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

46 Rules of the Game 2022 509 Delayed penalty shot (807) 1) A delayed penalty shot shall be applied when the non-offending team still controls the ball after an offence leading to a penalty shot, and the goal situation is still in progress. A delayed penalty shot may be caused by an offence leading to a penalty even if a delayed penalty is already in progress. During a delayed penalty shot each offence committed by the offending team and leading to a free-hit shall be penalised as re- peated offences. Offences leading to penalties shall be penalised according to the offence. All penalties shall be served by the players having committed these. 2) A delayed penalty shot implies that the non-offending team is given the possibility to continue the attack until the immediate goal situation is over. A delayed penalty shot shall still be carried out after the end of a period or a match. If the non-offending team scores correctly during a delayed penalty shot, the goal shall be allowed, and the penalty shot cancelled. 510 Offences leading to a penalty shot 1) When a goal situation is interrupted, or prevented fromoccurring, because the defending team has committed an offence leading to a free-hit or a penalty. (prescribed offence sign) The referees decide what shall be considered a goal situation. Offences in the goal crease shall not automatically lead to a penalty shot. A penalty shot shall always be awarded when the defending team, during a goal situation, intentionally moves the goal cage or inten- tionally plays with too many players on the rink. If, when a free-hit for the opposing team is hit directly at the goal, a field player of the defending team is in the goalkeeper area, in chapter 5 fixed situations