International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

50 Rules of the Game 2022 and extra time. A penalised player is not allowed to participate in a time out. A player, whose penalty expires, shall immediately leave the penalty bench, unless the number of penalties for the own team makes this impossible or the penalty expiring is a personal penalty. A goalkeeper, whose penalty expires, shall not leave the penalty bench until the next interruption. A penalised player who is injured may be replaced on the penalty bench by a field player who is not already penalised. Both players shall be noted in the match record with the number of the player actually serving the penalty in brackets. If the injured player en- ters the rink before the penalty expires, a match penalty will be imposed. If the secretariat is responsible for a player being admitted to the rink too soon and the mistake is noticed during regular penalty time, the player shall resume their position on the penalty bench. There shall not be any additional penalty time and the player shall return to the rink when the regular penalty time expires. 3) If a goalkeeper incurs one or several minor bench penalties, the team captain shall choose a field player, who is not already penalised, to serve the penalty. A goalkeeper in- curring a major bench penalty, or a personal penalty shall serve the penalty themself. If a goalkeeper incurs one or several minor bench penalties when serving penalties or in connection with a major bench penalty or a personal penalty, they shall serve these penalties themself. If a goalkeeper serves penalties and a reserve goalkeeper is not available, the team has a maximum of 3 minutes to properly equip a field player, but none of this time shall be used for warming up. The new goalkeeper shall be marked in the match record, and the time of the change shall be noted. When the penalty expires, the goalkeeper must not enter the rink until play is interrupted. Due to this the team captain shall choose a chapter 6 penalties …continued