International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

Rules of the Game 2022 51 field player, who is not already penalised, to accompany the goal- keeper on the penalty bench in order to enter the rink when the bench penalty expires. Only the penalised player shall be noted in the match record. The referees shall together with the secretariat help a goalkeeper, whose penalty has expired during play, to leave the penalty bench as soon as play is interrupted. 4) Penalty time shall be synchronised to game time. 602 Delayed penalty (807) 1) All penalties may be delayed. A delayed penalty shall be applied when the non-offending team still controls the ball after an offence leading to a penalty. Only one penalty at a time can be delayed except when a goal situation is in progress. A delayed penalty shall still be carried out after the end of a period or a match. If the delayed penalty is carried out because the offending team gains and controls the ball, play shall be resumed with a free-hit. The non-offending team shall use a delayed penalty for construc- tive attacking play. If the referees consider the team only to be trying to waste time, the players shall be notified. If the team still does not try to attack, play shall be interrupted, the delayed pe- nalty carried out and play resumed with a face-off. If the delayed penalty is carried out because of any other interruption, play shall be resumed according to what caused the interruption. If the non-offending team scores in a correct way during a delayed penalty, the goal shall be allowed, and the delayed minor bench penalty last imposed on the team shall not be carried out. No other penalties shall be affected. chapter 6 penalties continues… 2) A delayed penalty implies that the non-offending team is given the possibility to continue the attack until the offending team plays the ball, takes control of it or play is interrupted.