International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

52 Rules of the Game 2022 If the offending team scores during a delayed penalty, the goal shall be disallowed, and play resumed with a face-off. If the non- offending team scores an own goal, the goal shall be allowed. 603 Bench penalty 1) The duration of a bench penalty is 2 minutes. 2) A bench penalty shall affect the team, and due to this the penalised player shall not be replaced on the rink during the penalty. 3) No more than one bench penalty per player and two bench penalties per team shall be measured simultaneously. All bench penalties shall be measured in the order they are imposed. A player, whose penalty can not be measured, shall be on the penalty bench from the moment the penalty is carried out. If more than one penalty is imposed simultaneously on a team, the referees decide which of the new penalties shall be measured first. Shorter bench penalties shall, in this case, always be measured before longer. 4) A team, which has more than two players with carried out bench penalties, shall still have the right to play with four players on the rink. The team shall play with four players on the rink until they have only one bench penalty being measured. A player, whose bench penalty expires before this, shall remain on the penalty bench until play is interrupted or, if this occurs sooner, further bench penalties expire so that the team has only one bench penalty being measured. chapter 6 penalties … continued