International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

Rules of the Game 2022 53 All penalised players in a team shall leave the penalty bench in the same order as their bench penalties expire, but the rules concerning the number of players allowed on the rink shall be noticed all the time. The referees, together with the secretariat, shall help a player, whose penalty has expired during play, to leave the penalty bench as soon as play is interrupted. 5) If a player, who has incurred a bench penalty, commits further offences leading to a penalty, all their penalties shall be served consecutively. This is regardless of whether the first penalty has started or not. If a bench penalty has already started and the same player incurs another penalty, the measuring of the first penalty shall not be affected but go on from where it was when the new penalty was carried out. Consecutively implies that as soon as the player’s first bench penalty expires or terminates, the next one shall start being measured, unless the team has other bench penalties, not yet being measured, which have been imposed in between the first player’s bench penalties. An unlimited number of bench penalties can be imposed on the same player. If a player has incurred a personal penalty, all these bench penalties have to expire or terminate before the personal penalty may start to be measured. If a player is serving a personal penalty, then incurs a bench penalty, the measuring of the remaining personal penalty shall, as soon as the bench penalty can be measured, be postponed until the bench penalty expires or terminates. The team captain shall choose a field player, who is not already penalised, to accompany the player on the penalty bench in order to enter the rink when the bench penalty expires. If a penalised player commits an offence leading to a match penalty, the rules concerning match penalties shall also be applied. chapter 6 penalties