International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

Rules of the Game 2022 55 4) When a player is guilty of careless play with the stick. (904) (909) This includes uncontrolled forward or backward swing of the stick and raising the stick above an opponent’s head if this is considered dangerous or disturbing for the opponent. 5) When a player forces or pushes an opponent against the board or the goal cage. (907) 6) When a player is guilty of careless physical play. (909) This includes when a player tackles, trips or obstructs an opponent in a careless manner. 8) When a field player participates in play without a stick. (no offence sign) This includes when a player who dropped their stick on the rink substitutes without picking it up. This does not include a goalkeeper, temporarily considered a field player. 9) When a field player in the rink fetches a stick from a place other than the team’s own substitution zone. (no offence sign) 10) When a player intentionally moves to obstruct an opponent, who is not in control of the ball. (911) If a player who is trying to move into a better position backs into an opponent or prevents an opponent from moving in the direction intended, only a free-hit shall be awarded. 11) When a field player actively obstructs the goalkeeper’s throw-out. (915) This shall be considered an offence only if the field player is inside the goal crease or closer to the goalkeeper than 3 m, measured chapter 6 penalties continues… 7) When a team captain requests measuring of a hook, control of the shaft/blade combination or the face mask grill and the controlled equipment is correct. (no offence sign) The team captain will serve the penalty.