International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

56 Rules of the Game 2022 from where the goalkeeper gains control of the ball. Actively implies following the goalkeeper sideways or trying to reach the ball with the stick. 12) When a player violates the 3 m rule at a hit-in or a free-hit. (915) If the hit-in or the free-hit is performed while the opponents are trying to take position in a correct way, no action shall be taken. If a team forms a defence line which is not at a proper distance, only one player shall be penalised. 13) When a field player, to gain a considerable advantage, lies or sits down and stops or plays the ball, or in another way affects the situation. (919) This also includes stopping or playing the ball with both knees or one hand on the floor, stick holding hand excluded. 14) When a field player stops or plays the ball with their hand or arm. (920) 15) When an incorrect substitution takes place. (922) The player leaving the rink has to be passing over the board before a new player may enter the rink. If the case is close, action shall only be taken if play is affected. It is also incorrect substitution when a player changes outside the team’s own substitution zone when play is interrupted. The player entering the rink is the one to be penalised. 16) When a team plays with too many players on the rink. (922) Only one player shall be penalised. 17) When a penalised player: - Without entering the rink, leaves the penalty bench before their penalty expires or terminates. - Refuses to leave the penalty bench when their penalty expires. - Enters the rink during an interruption in the game, before their penalty expires or terminates. (925) The secretariat shall notify the referees of this as soon as possible. A player, whose penalty expires, shall not leave the penalty bench if the number of penalties for their own team makes this impossible or the penalty expiring is a personal penalty. A goalkeeper, whose chapter 6 penalties …continued