International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

Rules of the Game 2022 61 nalty or match penalty shall be reported, but no further bench penalty shall be imposed with exception from a technical match penalty incurred for a player or member of team staff not noted in the match record. Offences committed before or after the match, which normally lead to a technical match penalty or match penalty, shall be reported, but no bench penalty shall be imposed. With the ex- ception of incorrect equipment (which shall be corrected by the player concerned, who may then start the match), offences leading to a technical match penalty or match penalty committed before the match shall also lead to the offender’s non-partici- pation in the match, possible extra time and penalty shots in- cluded. 609 10-minute personal penalty (808) 1) A 10-minute personal penalty can only be imposed in connection with a minor bench penalty. 2) If the opposing team scores during a 10-minute personal penalty, the penalty shall not terminate. 610 Offences leading to a 10-minute personal penalty 1) When a player or a member of the team staff is guilty of unsportsmanlike behaviour. (925) Unsportsmanlike behaviour implies: Behaving in an insulting or unfair way towards referees, players, team staff, officials, spec- tators. Intentionally kicking, upsetting or hitting the board or the goal cage. Intentionally breaking a stick or other equipment. Throwing the stick or any other equipment, even during an inter- ruption or in the substitution zone. chapter 6 penalties