International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

62 Rules of the Game 2022 2) When a player is guilty of simulating with the intention of deceiving the referees. This includes when a player is exaggerating or embellishing a fall, a hit or any other attack. Simulating to have been exposed to an offence or feigning an injury. A player committing an offence could still be penalised even if a player is guilty of simulating in the same situation. The administrating authority may decide to further punish simu- lating afterwards regardless of the action taken by the referees during the game. 611 Technical match penalty (809) 1) A technical match penalty can only be imposed in connection with a major bench penalty. 2) Technical match penalty shall lead to suspension for the rest of the match and shall not lead to any further punishment for the player or member of the team staff. 612 Offences leading to a technical match penalty 1) When a field player uses a non-approved stick, a stick consis- ting of a blade and a shaft of two different brands or a stick with a hook which is too wide. When a goalkeeper uses an incorrect face mask. (no offence sign) A stick without approval mark is always considered to be non- approved. 2) When a player or a member of the team staff, not noted in the match record, participates in the match. (no offence sign) chapter 6 penalties