International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

64 Rules of the Game 2022 6) When a member of the team staff, is guilty of continued unsportsmanlike behaviour. (925) The match penalty replaces the second 10-minute personal penalty as well as the minor bench penalty imposed in connection with it, but shall still be followed by a major bench penalty 7) When a player, whose equipment is about to be controlled, tries to correct or exchange the equipment before the control of the equipment. (925) 8) When a player or a member of the team staff commits an offence clearly intending to sabotage play. This includes when: A penalised player intentionally enters the rink during play before their penalty expires or terminates. If the rink is entered during an interruption in play a minor bench penalty shall be imposed. If the secretariat is responsible for a player being admitted to the rink too soon, and the mistake is noticed during regular penalty time, the player shall resume their position on the penalty bench. There shall not be any additional penalty time and the player shall return to the rink when their regular penalty time expires. If the mistake is noticed after the regular penalty time has expired, no action shall be taken. An injured player, who has been replaced on the penalty bench, parti- cipates in play before their penalty time has expired. If a player, whose penalty has expired, enters the rink despite the numeric situation it can, depending on its cause, be considered to be ‘playing with too many players’. Offences are committed by either team from the substitution zone or penalty bench during a penalty shot. Equipment is thrown from the substitution zone during play. A player, not in the process of changing, takes part or tries to take part in play from the substitution zone. This includes also if player or team staff intentionally kicks the board outside of the rink so that play is affected. chapter 6 penalties