International floorball Rules of the Game 2022

Rules of the Game 2022 9 glossary GLOSSARY Advantage When the referee allows play to continue when an offence has occurred if this benefits the non-offending team. Administrating authority The governing body for the game being played, e.g. The International Floorball Federation or a National Association. Bench penalty A penalty that affects the number of players on the rink. Board A low wall made in sections with rounded corners that encloses the rink. Usually made of plastic. Brutal An act which is savage or vicious. Considered worse than being violent. Careless An act which lacks consideration or precaution. Considered milder than being reckless. Centre line A marked line on the floor which divides the rink into two halves of equal size. Centre spot A marked spot on the floor used as a face-off dot at the beginning of a match or a period and after a goal is scored. Also where a penalty shot shall be taken from. Delayed penalty When a penalty is awarded but play continues since the non-offending team still controls the ball.